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Bedroom Styles

Coleman’s can offer a range of fitted bedroom furniture to suit all tastes, from an elegant master bedroom suite to a small child’s room where good looks and plenty of storage is required. The shape of room is also no problem, we can even fit your new wardrobes in the eaves of a room. Fitted bedroom furniture can make the best use of any bedroom space providing you with a clutter free environment in which to relax and re-charge. Clever storage can be built into wardrobes so you have a space for all of your belongings, from shoes to bulky winter woollies. 

Click on either of the links below to view just some of our favourite contemporary and traditional designs to inspire you in your choice of new bedroom. 

To view our full range, and to seek advice on how we can help you to create your dream bedroom, please call us on 01623 751239 or visit our Nottinghamshire shop based in Kirkby. We have lots of free parking on the street close to the showroom, so we hope to see you very soon.